Festival of contemporary photography Presence

St. Petersburg / Berthold Center / Grajdanskaya st., 13-15
October 1 — 20, 2019
Clément Lambelet. Collateral Visions
Presence is an international contemporary photography festival held by PhotoDepartment (St. Petersburg). It will be the fourth time in 2019.

The festival is supposed to be a place for meeting , intense event, showing a lot for a few days.

Presence 2019 includes exhibitions, workshops, discussions and lectures by artists, curators, media art and business environment professionals, and various author projects, happenings, and events involving the audience experience.

Considering the changes in the industry and initiating new contacts, the festival has a new open format of portfolio review involving experts from the media, art institutions, the advertising industry, design and business.

Due to support of the international cultural institutions we have invited curators and authors from Switzerland, Germany, Poland and France, and Russian professionals of media, art and creative industries

How do we understand photography?
When we look at a photo, we always feel continuing presence of the event taking place without us. So the image declares itself as a meeting. It may be considered as inseparability of the present moment, the technique, author's and viewer's experience and vision, the spatiotemporal intersection, and the viewer's feelings. So photography is being a paradoxical object, because it presents the past, but prolongs it or makes it up-to-date for the viewer's experience.

The festival declares the role of photography in different ways - in the cultural, social, visual and digital environment of the modern world. It is important for us not just to show photo the viewer has not seen before, but analyze the visual culture talking about what the photo transmits out of aesthetics and how it is involved in everyday and global processes.

The Concept Of Presence
Presence is addressed to what is happening now and there. Only that, because we can't always be in a certain moment. As soon as we try to realize ourselves "now and there", time stratify on the antecedent and foreknowledge. In that case we understand Presence (the festival and the concept equally) as an actual definition of the world, its foundations and processes for today, always havig a connection with the past, but covered by the future.

The aim of the festival is to expand the professional environment and the mainstream audience understanding about the image by presenting photography as a combination of processes, modes, relationships, experience and ways of perception.

Events of the festival
Exhibition program
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David de Beyter, Auto sculpture I, 2015. Из серии «Big Bangers». © David de Beyter.
Acceptance of applications for participation is open!
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Guests and participants 2018
Boris Mikhailov
Alexander Gronsky
Vitya Vit
The creative dictator in Setters.me
Yana Romanova
Photographer, video artist
Oleg Savunov

Sasha Iordanov
Andrei Shabanov
An art historian, an independent curator
Maxi Shilov
Designer, founder of the studio @adept.works, director of a documentary Aestetik
Alina Belishkina
Artist, curator
Lisa Matveeva
Natalia Reznik
Artist, researcher, curator
Weronika Gesicka
Danae Panchaud
Curator, lecturer, museum director Photoforum Pasquart in the city Biel, Switzerland
Yana Miloradovskaya
Chief Editor "Собака.ru"
Anna Shemeleva-Konovalenko
Head of Design Department Buro 24/7
Simon Menner
Clément Lambelet
Artist, winner FOAM Talent 2017
David de Beyter
Dasha Panayotti
Employee of the department of contemporary art of State Hermitage Museum
Ivan Petrokovich
Artist, photographer
Sergey Patsyuk
Art Director The Blueprint
Tatyana Ivanova
chief editor of the Internet newspaper "Paper"
Mikhail Borisov
bild-editor of the newspaper "Business Petersburg"
Maria Kuzmina (Katz)
Director of the North-West Branch of the NCCA, composed of ROSIZO
Alix Marie (FR)
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